Injury to Excellence – How to come back better
BY James Bezant|May 3, 2018

Getting injured can be an absolute nightmare. It can mean sitting out a lot of gym sessions, slowing you down and even setting you back on your goals. However, injury can actually inspire improvement.

So here is our advice on how to come back from an injury.

-The first thing you need to make sure you have done is speak to your doctor or a specialist in your type of injury. Make sure you know the cause of the injury and how badly damaged that body part is.

-Once you have been properly diagnosed and treated, you can sit down with your doctor/specialist and discuss a realistic timeline for you to be able to get back into training after you have fully recovered. If you attempt to go straight back into training, then you risk damaging the injury even further.

-A lot of people will tell you to rest and not to work on the damaged body part. Then when the pain has gone, you return to the sport or exercise that caused you the injury originally. This can lead to you re-injuring that area. You need to ensure you strengthen the weakness following the correct procedure.

-A great thing to do at this point is to invest in a coach who can work with you to help you strengthen and condition that area, to ensure it won’t happen again. If you can’t afford a coach, make sure you spend time learning about the injury yourself and simple exercises you can do to strengthen this area.

-If you’ve had a muscle tear or ligament damage, this doesn’t mean you can never do the exercise or whatever caused the injury again, but it’s essential that you strengthen and condition that area before re-attempting training again.

-When people injure themselves, they can use this as an excuse to stay away from the gym completely. For instance, if you injure your ankle, you can still train upper body and core. Utilise the body parts that are still functioning to make sure you don’t lose your momentum.

-If you have stopped training completely whilst injured, your body would have de-conditioned in this time. Make sure you build back up to the weights that you were previously lifting rather than trying to lift them again.

When returning to training from injury, don’t over do it. You will not be able to safely do what you did before.

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