Baked French Protein Toast
BY Laura Girling|June 8, 2018

Try this simple Baked French Protein Toast.

Per serve
122 Calories
11.5g Carbs
3.1g Fat
11.3g Protein

Strawberry “Banana” Baked Protein French Toast

7 slices of light bread (like Nimble)
50g Vanilla Protein Powder
100g Egg whites
1 Egg
250ml Grenade Banana Shake or Milk of choice
2 tsp Cinnamon
2 Tablespoon of Sweetener
100g chopped strawberries

Topping (optional) macros included in recipe
30g Rolled oats
10g light butter
Cinnamon and sweetener

Whisk the Protein shake , protein powder , sweetener, cinnamon, egg whites and egg until well blended.

Cut the bread into square pieces .

Prepare a oven proof dish and slightly spray with non stick

Place your cubed bread into the dish , scatter the strawberries between the bread . Pour over the milk/egg mixture . Making sure all the bread is covered with the mixture.

Cover with foil and leave overnight in the fridge .

Next day preheat the oven to 170 C
Take out the bread dish. Keep the foil on and bake for 30 mins .

Meanwhile prepare your topping . Mix the oats with melted light butter with some sweetener and cinnamon .

When 30 minutes is done , take off the foil and spread the oats on top . Bake for a further 15/20 mins

Let cool for 10 mins before serving

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